Who Doesn’t Love a Costume Party?

I know I do—and I’m still recovering from all the fun I had doing a Pick a Circle, Gather Squares: A Fall Harvest of Shapes scavenger hunt with the children who attended the Branchburg Sports Complex 2013 Halloween Party this past Sunday. The children searched for shapes in the fun-filled indoor football field, brought me their completed scavenger hunt sheets, and received prizes: a harvest pencil topped with a Halloween eraser, a Pick a Circle bookmark, and their choice of a sweet treat! And those who wanted a respite from the various games and activities stopped for a while to color and decorate some of my other activity sheets and chat.

I was busy! As busy as answering the front door on Halloween night! In fact, I was so busy meeting Incredible Hulks and fairy princesses and lobsters in strollers that I almost forgot to take a pictures. Here are a few adorable trick-or-treaters I met during the party. Their parents seemed game for having fun as well. It was really nice to see all these young families enjoying themselves.

Branchburg Sports Complex Halloween Party 2013

I want to say a special thank you to Mark, Lisa, Steve, and the Branchburg Sports Complex team for giving me the opportunity to participate in this fun event. I was able, amongst the festivities, to speak as well to the parents about my books and to hold a raffle for a signed copy of my second book when it comes out early next spring: Cheers for a Dozen Ears: A Summer Crop of Counting.

I’ll be emailing the winner of that raffle tomorrow afternoon!

Branchburg Sports Complex Halloween Party 2
May your Halloween be full of happy tricks and tasty treats!

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