Looking Forward

Milford Alive 2015 Milford FoundersIt’s been a long, hot, often challenging summer, and I look forward to fall, cool weather, my son’s football games, and rejoining the book world with some school and author visits. A favorite last year was participating under the banner of the Frenchtown Book Garden at Milford Alive! a super fun and festive community celebration known for its wacky “bed races.” Here’s an archival photo of Milford’s founders holding my then newest book. I have a new one to share with visitors this year, The Boy Who Said Nonsense! Here’s the link to Milford Alive 2016. P.S. I’m working this week on updating my website and events calendar. Are you interested in attending—or scheduling—a signing? Please visit my events calendar and contact pages. And stay cool this week—there’s still some summer left!

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