Maple Syrup Day

Meet Grady!


I wonder if he likes pancakes and maple syrup, too?

Speaking of maple syrup, here are some sweet images of my visits with new readers this past weekend at the South River Public Schools Bookfair at the East Brunswick Barnes & Noble in the morning and later with the kids’ book club at the wonderful Book Garden in Frenchtown. Thanks to Cathy Genna and to Caroline Scutt for inviting me back to their respective book stores. It’s always a delight!

South River Bookfair East Brunswick Barnes and NobleBook Garden Book Club
Book Garden--SageBook Garden sisters

Rainbow spread from Sugar White Snow and Evergreens

Let’s celebrate the countdown to Maple Syrup Day with a stack of Susan Swan’s pancakes topped with Mr. Sweet’s Maple Syrup!

Eight days to go!

Toby being patient and silly

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Let’s Have Pancakes for Dinner!

So please pass Mr. Sweet’s Maple Syrup!

Pancakes and Sausage

psst… Thirteen Days Until Maple Syrup Day!

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The December Countdown Begins!

It’s almost December and the countdown begins… National Maple Syrup Day┬áis December 17! Celebrate with a stack of homemade pancakes and a delicious copy of Sugar White Snow and Evergreens: A Winter Wonderland of Color. Yummy for your eyes and tummy!

Sugar White Snow and Evergreens--Gold spread

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