From Apple Trees to Cider Please!

Looking Forward

Milford Alive 2015 Milford FoundersIt’s been a long, hot, often challenging summer, and I look forward to fall, cool weather, my son’s football games, and rejoining the book world with some school and author visits. A favorite last year was participating under the banner of the Frenchtown Book Garden at Milford Alive! a super fun and festive community celebration known for its wacky “bed races.” Here’s an archival photo of Milford’s founders holding my then newest book. I have a new one to share with visitors this year, The Boy Who Said Nonsense! Here’s the link to Milford Alive 2016. P.S. I’m working this week on updating my website and events calendar. Are you interested in attending—or scheduling—a signing? Please visit my events calendar and contact pages. And stay cool this week—there’s still some summer left!

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An apple (book) a day…

Listing includes From Apple Trees to Cider, Please!

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Hacklebarney Farm Cider Mill: A Delicious Place to Visit, after Reading From Apple Trees to Cider, Please!

Hacklebarney Farm and Cider Mill  apple barrel What do you need to make apple cider? Apples—and lots of them!

Here’s a barrelful we encountered last weekend at the Hacklebarney Farm Cider Mill in gorgeous Chester, New Jersey.

Tomorrow I’ll add details to this entry on our fun and delicious visit, but for now I wanted to get some photos posted. Enjoy!

Hacklebarney Farm and Cider Mill Cider Jug

Hacklebarney Farm and Cider Mill Cinnamon Cider Doughnuts!A special thanks to the farm’s owner, and cider meister and apple of his eye, for posing with my new book. I’m also delighted to relate that you now can purchase a signed copy of From Apple Trees to Cider, Please! at the farm’s fragrant and irresistible bakery!

Hacklebarney Farm and Cider Mill Owner with Apple Trees!Hacklebarney Farm and Cider Mill cider meister with my book and the apple of his eyeHacklebarney Farm and Cider Mill Cider SignHacklebarney Farm and Cider Mill in action better photoHacklebarney Cider Mill Cider Dog Stand SignHacklebarney Cider Mill Cider Dog

Hacklebarney Farm and Cider Mill Baked Goods

See these smiles? That’s what everyone was doing, plus drinking cider, and eating cider dogs and doughnuts. What a lovely afternoon!

Hacklebarney Farm and Cider Mill Visitors

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Fall Book Giveaway

Fall-Book-Giveway-with-Albert-Whitman-and-CoHere’s a review of my latest book by Queen of the Land of Twigs ‘N Berries, a blogger from the Midwest who is also sponsoring a giveaway of some of Albert Whitman’s newest books:

Heading on an apple picking adventure this fall?  Well don’t walk out the door until you read the creative “From Apple Trees to Cider, Please!”  This book will give your little one a preview of all of the fun things you can do while at an apple orchard and will educate them about how apples are harvest and made into delicious products like cider.  Foodies, both young and old, will enjoy the farm to table approach to this book and it will undoubtedly get your taste buds watering.

Visit Fall Themed Books and Giveaway for details on how to enter!

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Thursday Night Lights!

I’m looking forward to signing my books at Twice Told Tales tomorrow night!


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Friendly Faces: Middlesex County Fair 2015

It was anMiddlesex County Fair 2015 man on stiltsother great time at this year’s Middlesex County Fair. My son and his friends loved the rides and exhibits.

Middlesex County Fair 2015 family with books series

A recurring comment: “You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a fried Oreo!” I spent my time at the fair conducting a shape scavenger hunt based on Pick a Circle, Gather Squares, speaking with visitors to the “Hey Kids, Want to Be a Farmer?” pavillion, and signing copies of my books. Here are some of my favorite photos of the new and familiar and always friendly faces I met the past few days…

Middlesex County Fair 2015 adorable book fansMiddlesex County Fair 2015 family with Cheers

Middlesex County Fair 2015 sisters Middlesex County Fair 2015 sisters 2
These sisters were so sweet and funny. As were the friends pictured below. And what a great grandma and granddaughter team! I remember meeting them last year and was delighted to sign all my books for them on Saturday!

Middlesex County Fair 2015 grandma and granddaughter 2
Middlesex County Fair 2015 friends

Middlesex County Fair 2015 grandma and granddaughter

Here’s a photo of the recipient of the first book I signed, and her doting grandma! And below, a book-loving Mom and her beautiful family!

Middlesex County Fair 2015 family with Apple Trees

Many thanks to Mary Lou Conover and the other organizers of the fair for inviting me back this year. It was so much fun chatting with all these great kids and their families that I’m already looking forward to next year’s fair!

Middlesex County Fair 2015

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Meet Me at the Fair!

Cheers for a Dozen Ears Reaches New HeightsI’m returning to the Middlesex County Fair !

You can find me in the Hey, Kids, Want to Be a Farmer exhibit August 6, 7, and 8 conducting a shape scavenger hunt and other children’s activities. I’ll be signing and selling copies of my picture book series illustrated by Susan Swan and my forthcoming From Apple Trees to Cider, Please!which last year’s fair visit helped bring to fruition!

From Apple Trees to Cider, Please! coverMiddlesex County Fair Grandma and Grandson Cheers for a Dozen Ears Fans

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