Frenchtown Book Garden

Looking Forward

Milford Alive 2015 Milford FoundersIt’s been a long, hot, often challenging summer, and I look forward to fall, cool weather, my son’s football games, and rejoining the book world with some school and author visits. A favorite last year was participating under the banner of the Frenchtown Book Garden at Milford Alive! a super fun and festive community celebration known for its wacky “bed races.” Here’s an archival photo of Milford’s founders holding my then newest book. I have a new one to share with visitors this year, The Boy Who Said Nonsense! Here’s the link to Milford Alive 2016. P.S. I’m working this week on updating my website and events calendar. Are you interested in attending—or scheduling—a signing? Please visit my events calendar and contact pages. And stay cool this week—there’s still some summer left!

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Meet Grady!


I wonder if he likes pancakes and maple syrup, too?

Speaking of maple syrup, here are some sweet images of my visits with new readers this past weekend at the South River Public Schools Bookfair at the East Brunswick Barnes & Noble in the morning and later with the kids’ book club at the wonderful Book Garden in Frenchtown. Thanks to Cathy Genna and to Caroline Scutt for inviting me back to their respective book stores. It’s always a delight!

South River Bookfair East Brunswick Barnes and NobleBook Garden Book Club
Book Garden--SageBook Garden sisters

Rainbow spread from Sugar White Snow and Evergreens

Let’s celebrate the countdown to Maple Syrup Day with a stack of Susan Swan’s pancakes topped with Mr. Sweet’s Maple Syrup!

Eight days to go!

Toby being patient and silly

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Taking Flight!

taking off!Summers here and it’s time to take off and fly! Despite the heat and inevitable New Jersey humidity, weve been more out and about than in a long time.

Everywhere we go is crowded with kids on summer vacation who’ve not entered some form of camp yet and the air is buzzing with Popsicle possibilities and the promise of chilled watermelon slices, cannonballs into the pool, and beachside novels.

As for me, I’ve been preparing for a number of author visits scheduled for July and August, many of them at farmers markets. I’m looking forward heading up to the Peekskill Farmers’ Market in Peekskill, New York, this Saturday, and coming back down on Sunday to the Frenchtown Farmers’ Market booth of the Book Garden. At both markets I’ll  do readings, sign books, and host a scavenger hunt for the visiting children. It should be a lot of fun!

So in the words of the Hudson Library & Historical Society’s April 2014 “Recommended Reads”:

Just in time for summer, Cheers for a Dozen Ears takes readers on a trip to a farmers market during a hot day in August.  Children can count and rhyme their way through favorite summertime fruits and veggies, including watermelon and a dozen ears of corn. There is plenty to see on each page of brightly colored collages. Find a cozy spot in the shade to read this book before your next outing to the local farmers market.

I’ll make the lemonade!

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