Here are a few photos from the Tuesday morning Storytime at the Ledgewood, NJ, Barnes & Noble earlier this week:

B&N Storytime 5, Ledgewood, NJ 11-5-13

Thank you to Patty for inviting me back to read Pick a Circle, Gather Squares: A Fall Harvest of Shapes, and especially to Michelle, who conducted the hour-long session of stories, songs, and activities.

B&N Storytime 4, Ledgewood, NJ 11-5-13It was exciting to share the book with this lively gathering, participate in the singing—who doesn’t love a hearty round of “The Wheels on the Bus”?— and to see children and parents alike enjoy coloring in the packet of activity sheets I’ve prepared for Pick a Circle events.

B&N Storytime 2 close up, Ledgewood, NJ 11-5-13I learned a new song, was cheered by meeting all the smiling faces, and even signed a few books. And what an unexpected delight it was to pen a dedication to a young child named Audyn, after one of my favorite poets, W.H. Auden!

It was a good, good morning that started off like this…

B&N Storytime 9, Ledgewood, NJ 11-5-13

…and finished with my dad, patiently waiting to go to Panera with my mom and son for lunch!

B&N Storytime 8, Ledgewood, NJ 11-5-13

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