Seasons Greetings!

Pilgrim Pepper and SaltIt’s such a packed and hectic time of year I’m finding it hard to keep up with everything on the schedule. But that’s when my editorial instincts go into overdrive and I start making lists and checking them twice.

There’s a downside to being busy (see below), but I’m trying to take a creative approach to the mounting piles of mail and similar facts of everyday existence.

At the same time I’m on the verge of becoming overwhelmed, I’m feeling thankful—for a thriving home and family and all the blessings surrounding the release of my first published book in September.

Promoting the book and keeping abreast of daily life and my responsibilities as the managing editor of an academic quarterly led immediately to a long and growing list of resolutions about how I will approach matters when the second book in the series appears next March.

If it seems like I’m mixing up the holidays, well, I guess I am. It’s been quite a roller coaster ride this fall, but (to mix metaphors) I cast my net wide and with hopefulness in order to learn the ropes.

Did I get rope burn? On occasion—but every opportunity has been a chance to begin learning how the marketing and promotion side of a published book works, and as a new author, I’ve had to get out there in ways that, as a shy person, have been challenging for me.

I’m a bit proud of my sometimes awkward and goofy self for going for it. And it has always been a pleasure to meet and work with the children I’ve visited with, as well as the many kind people—especially the parents, grandparents, and teachers—who have been drawn to the book and the topics it covers.

That’s heartening, and a reminder that when I write and speak from my heart, my shy, sometimes awkward and goofy self is on the right path.

the downside to being busy

And now, it’s time to wash some dishes!

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