The Shield of Toby

“I’m Navi the fairy! The Great Deku Tree asked me
to be your partner from now on! Nice to meet you!”

—The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Hey, Mom! Can I be Link for Halloween?
I’ll need the proper gear to play the part:
chain mail and leggings, tunic (forest green),
brown boots, and forearm bracers, for a start.
I’ll look just like a real live work of art.
Help make a gamer’s awesome dream come true
in elf-like hat and pointy ears. My heart
be still—a Twilight Princess waits for you.
O Zelda, on my way! Just one more thing, or two…
A leather belt to carry around my waist
rupees in a pouch, a dungeon key,
and fairies bottled up (they keep me chaste
and help control the wolfish side of me).
A shoulder harness is a must, Mom, see—
to sling my sword and shield? They’re Hyrule grade.
I’ll need to take them everywhere with me,
from trick-or-treating to enchanted glade.
O Navi! Don’t ever let my powers fade!
I’ll protect my pillowcase of sweets
and Ordon Village using hidden skill:
Shield Attack! No plundering my treats—
to wield the Master Sword will be a thrill.
I’ll do as Din, Farore, and Nayru will,
that Golden Triangle burnished on my shield
above the winged crest. O Mom, fulfill
this one request? My fate as Link seems sealed—
please strive to shop, to stitch, to paint, and not to yield.

(This poem appeared in the Winter 2012 Academic Questions.)