Children’s Poems

A Fishy Wish

A Fishy Wish

In diver’s mask I make this wish:
to plunge and play among fast fish
that dart and flash their shiny scales,
I’ll race past octopi and whales
to keep the pace with rays and mackerel
in plastic fins and rubber snorkel,
then drop by coral reefs to clown
with clownfish glad I dove on down.
The moray eels won’t feel so shy
around this funny, flippered guy!
“To meet,” they’ll grin, “has been our pleasure.”
I’ll glow like golden sunken treasure!


Oh, if you have a mind for snow,
then you may like my snow rondeau,

where blue-gray skies turn white as pearl
and words like woolen scarves unfurl

to twirl upon brisk winds which blow

fine crystal beads that, falling, grow,
become great fluffy flakes below,

build igloo dreams for boys and girls
with minds for snow.

With buckled boots, red cheeks aglow,
let’s sled down hills my lines bestow

upon this wintry page that whirls
and sweeps up heaps of rhyming swirls

to tunnel, scoop, pack, roll, and throw—
at minds for snow!