A Little Rain, a Little Sun

Sun Above final page FULL My mother has an oft-repeated saying: “Into every life a little rain must fall.” Now, I don’t know who actually coined that chestnut, but in the case of my mother’s repeating of it, the timing’s key. She seems to pull it out like an umbrella, at the right moment, when skies darken and it begins to rain.

And there are those of us who see the rain as a nuisance, forgetting how it can lead to flowers.

What’s my point, you may ask, or are we just rambling sightseers?

Lately the skies for me have been somewhat cloudy, and I never know if it’s about to rain again or if the sun’s going to break through, so as always I’m re-learning the lessons of trust and patience.

Meanwhile… life grows busier than ever. Loved ones are always coming and going. Sometimes I think of our house as a train station, a hotel—and I myself would like a ticket to a place where task and obligation take a backseat to leisurely daydreaming…

For a while, because I always seem to want to get back to business. While brings me inevitably around to another “B” word: balance.

When I was working on the opposite pairings for Sun Above and Blooms Below I developed a curious notion of balance, about how the opposing words, when paired, create a stable, level sensation, which led in turn to an awareness of how both ends of the spectrum—hot and cold, night and day, up and down—are necessary to complete the circle of our experience.

There’s nothing novel about this observation apart from my surprise at the intensity of my encounter with it. Perhaps it’s simply a part of the inherent pattern of our world, a reflection of how the universe functions. But it feels good—amidst the bustle and occasional chaos we human beings create in our attempt to impose our desires, our intentions, and our schedules on the great and ancient natural order—to feel that tugging reminder that I, too—woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, citizen, neighbor, friend, reader, writer, editor—am a part of it all, everything we call life, as it’s happening, moment to moment to moment.

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